La Boina Roja

Linux, the struggles are real!

Welcome, grab a beer and let’s partay!!!!!!

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Hi, I am Roja and right now I have a broken wrist and a dislocated elbow, both injuries happened on the right hand side. To kill time, I decided to dive into CentOS and blog about the frustration and disasters that lay ahead Photobucket

I am not new to linux, I have used Ubuntu, eeebuntu and Debian. The latter has led to quite some horrific experiences Photobucket That being said the goal off this blog is showing; that Linux isn’t scary at all. Hey, if I manage to get it working, then you definately should be able to get it working too!

I will ask you to be patient, as I only have my left hand at my disposal right now.  My right arm is almost coverd in a Hello Kitty Photobucket pink cast Photobucket

Let’s start the party Photobucket with one of my fave Geeky vids of all time!

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