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So what on earth does RHEL stand for?

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While browsing blogs and forums about CentOS I came across the acronym RHEL quite a few times. By then I already knew CentOS is an 99% clone of Red Hat, but still the acronym RHEL intrigued me….

It wasn’t untill today while browsing this page I all of sudden got it!!! RHEL stands for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Yup, it took 3 me days to figure that one out Photobucket I would like to point out that when I broke my wrist and dislocated my elbow, I also had a minor concussion. What I am trying to say here is, that I am normally not that slow, really Photobucket

I’ve also noticed that RHEL almost always is accompanied by a number. So how does this number relate to CentOS? Quite simply; CentOS 6 is a clone of RHEL 6, CentOS 5 is a clone of RHEL 5 etc etc.

Why am I diving into CentOS and not RHEL? CentOS is free and RHEL costs a crap load of money.

As you can see this will be the blog about all those Linux questions you NEVER dared to ask (for a good reason) Photobucket

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