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Linux, the struggles are real!

Which howto’s to look at if you want to learn CentOS 6


How to’s written for the following operating systems will help you out:

  1. RHEL 6
  2. CentOS 6 Photobucket
  3. Scientific Linux 6
  4. Fedora versions 12 and 13 (these are not the latest versions and as far I can see there is hardly support for these versions)


Fedora is a free distribution sponsored by Red Hat and basically Fedora is used as a playground for Red Hat developers (and others). Stuff that works and is succesful in Fedora is appearantly implemented in RHEL. Why Fedora versions 12 and 13 are based on RHEL 6 and the later versions aren’t I wouldn’t know, I got that intel it from here.

Red Hat has a product documentation page, which can be quite overwhelming for a newb Photobucket From that page I would recommend to take a  look at the installation guide and the deployment guide, both guides are available in pdf. If you have beginners questions I suggest you look in one of these first, the installation guide answered some of my questions Photobucket

2 thoughts on “Which howto’s to look at if you want to learn CentOS 6

  1. I heard they did the calculations on the Large Hadron Collider with Scientific Linux. That is one reason I’m interested in Linux. Also, the price is right and their are many flavours to choose from!

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