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Forums, a great way of learning CentOS

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The forums I use are:
1 . CentOS
2.  Scientific Linux

They are both mobile friendly without having to use an app, which strangely enough can’t be said of the Fedora forums Photobucket

The reason why I am not using the Fedora forums anymore is because I want to learn RHEL 6. Only versions Fedora 12 and 13 are based on RHEL 6 as you can read here. At the moment of writing Fedora 17 is the latest release, so I don’t expect too much support for versions 12 and 13 to be honest. Since I am not the most gifted Linux user around Photobucket I need all the support I can get.

As you can see there are some clear differences in forum style between CentOs and Scientific Linux. The first often makes me think:

I am not saying that it’s a bad thing though Photobucket

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