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Oracle dips in the RHEL Clone pool

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Which is fine by me, after all competition encourages innovation, right?

From browsing around, I can’t help but feel that when it comes to Oracle Linux, I am the only one with this point of view. There is a lot of unchannelled anger directed at Oracle for offering their own RHEL Clone. Appearantly,  it’s not okay for Oracle to play by the rules of capitalism, like any other company in a free and open Photobucket market.

A lovely quote which I took from here:

I’m looking forward to the day when Oracle will package shit and ask people to buy shit from them because they’re saying it smells like daisies.

Wait, isn’t Apple doing this alreadyPhotobucket

While I get that you can’t be too happy about certain products that are manufactured by a company. I do wonder if it is really necessary to write this on the CentOS forum:

I wouldn’t ever trust Oracle. Whilst they might be right about their technical superiority, their management, sales, marketing and support will shoot the product dead. They will latch onto a few gullable individuals and suck them dry, then try and move on.

Fortunately, I’m no longer legally bound by the NDA they make you sign when you sign a contract with them.

Way to go jerk Photobucket I am pretty sure that fact that you are not legally bound by a NDA anymore, doesn’t make it legal to spill Oracle’s trade secrets. I hope you get caught Photobucket when you decide to do so. I wonder if the people behind CentOS would welcome someone with such an attitude in their team?

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