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How to get wireless working on a Mini Dell 9 in Xubuntu

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Having owned 2 Dell laptops, I know the frustrations of having to get wireless working in Xubuntu. It was after many re-installations later  photo bonk.gif that I found out that the process is quite simple  photo emo.gif and it actually requires only on line in Xubuntu. Open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source


Atfer a couple of seconds you will be asked if you want to continue:


press y

And you are done  photo thumbsup.gif wireless will work not without you having to restart.

(Yeah, I know the screenshots say, Ilona instead of Roja. That is because I gave her my mini Dell and I reinstalled Xubuntu for her. Since she will be moving far away, from where I can’t help her I decided to write this tutorial for her, in case she needs to re install.)

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