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How to get “youtube” working in Xubuntu

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So there you are, with your freshly installed Xubuntu you go to youtube to play your favourite Bruno Mars vid. But wtf? The vid won’t play  photo piangry.gif

No worries  photo puh2.gif we can solve this by installing “restricted extras” in Xubuntu. The “restricted extras” is a package that not only contains flash, the thing needed to play youtube videos, but also other goodies like codecs for example. Codecs are needed to be able to play all your movies and songs stored on your harddrive.

Let’s get started  photo loveit.gif

Open terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-restricted-extras


After a while you will be asked if you want to continue:


press y

After another while you will see this screen.


Press the tab button to highlight the <ok> and hit enter.


Then you’ll see this screen:


Press tab again to higlight <Yes> and hit enter.

And you are done  photo thumbsup.gif you will be able to play youtube vids without having to restart.

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