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How to get Adblock Plus running AGAIN in Chromium

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So recently Adblock Plus stopped working, which pissed me off  photo piangry.gif  But I managed to get it up and running again and being the kind person I am  photo picool.gif I’m sharing the solution with you guys.

Fire up Chromium and click on that three-striped button on the right corner.


A menu will open, click on “Settings“.


A new tab will open, go to it and click on “Extensions” (there is no need to log into Chromium!).


This screen will open, click on “Options“.


You’ll see  that you are not subscribed to a filter, this why Adblock Plus  isn’t working (anymore).  Click on “Add filter subscription“.


EasyList (English)” should be pre-selected, if not select it from the dropdown menu, click on “Add“.


It will, hopefully, take a couple of seconds to download EasyList, when it is downloaded you’ll see this.


You are done! You can now surf on the web ad free again  photo shiny.gif without having to restart Chromium!

(Remember, you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie!)

One thought on “How to get Adblock Plus running AGAIN in Chromium

  1. Hi Roja,
    How did you install the AdBlock Plus extension in the first place? I get a “Your chrome version is not supported by the weg store” message when I try to find the extensions? Using Chromium, Raspberian Wheezy and RPi B+ hardware.

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