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How to fix the “The SONY database is corrupted.” error in Linux

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I would like to point out that when I got and fixed this error I was drunk  photo emo.gif (Yeah I know, you can go fuck yourself now  photo talktothehand.gif) So the usual screen shots are missing.

The other thing I would like to point out, is this “How to” doesn’t cover a fix for the SD card, since I don’t have one.

Let’s get started  photo loveit.gif

If you get this error in Calibre:

The SONY database is corrupted. Delete the file /Volumes/READER/Sony_Reader/database/books.db on your reader and then disconnect reconnect it. If you are using an SD card, you should delete the file on the card as well. Note that deleting this file will cause your reader to forget any notes/highlights, etc.

Chances are that all files on your Reader are “locked” meaning they are read only. If you go to your file manager all the files on your Reader will have a little lock down on the right side of them and it will look like this:

locked file

I would like to point out, that in case of the error ALL the files will have this little lock! I just added one little lock for the sake of this “How to”!

In order to remove “books.db“, you need to get writing rights on the files on your  Reader. You do that by typing this in your Terminal:

sudo mount -o remount,rw /media/READER

After you have typed your password, there will be no screen activity in your Terminal, but if you go to your file manager you will see that all the files on your  Reader are unlocked.

Now you can remove “books.db“:


After removal of said file, you now can use Calibre without restarting and without reconnecting your Reader  photo thumbsup.gif

(Remember, you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie).


I can’ t help but wonder if just typing the terminal command (without removing the file) would have been sufficient  photo clown.gif but then again I was drunk. So I guess I’ll never know  photo schater.gif

Edit 15/12/2013:

I just realised, that by using this method I did not loose my notes and pictures, I only “lost” related to my book library  photo thumbsup.gif

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