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After giving up on drawing decades ago, I decided to give it a go again. I ordered a sketch book and Panda Oil Pastels. Why this brand? Well many, many years ago during the class of teacher Terwiel at “De Johan de Wit School” in The Hauge, I fell in love with exactly these oil pastels. I only wanted to draw with these and not the others brands that also were avialable. I frequently used to say in class “Panda krijtjes, ik herken ze met mijn ogen dicht” . Don’t ask me what I was thinking back then 🙄

When I left the fucktards with whom I have the bad luck to share a name and dna with, I moved to a grouphome. Finally I had money to my name, and I could spent it however I wanted it ❤ One off the first things I did with my financial freedom was, buying a small sketch book and Panda Oil Pastels. These are two drawings I made back then

The one on the left is called, “The Man, The Sea and The Sun” the one on the right is unnamed. That whiteish kind of circle on “The Man, The Sea and The Sun” is me using fixation spray. As you can see that didn’t go well 😕


This is the sketchbook I used, the company still exists!

Why do I love oil pastels so much? Well, there is this roughness about them, it is like using clay on paper. Making it for me a very BLAM-IN-YOUR-FACE way to express myself 😎

I don’t like smoothness in drawings, I’ve always hated that. I also call it a dirty medium, I like how drawings get messy with oil pastels. I have absolutely have no intention (like most youtube folks seem to do) to make my drawings look like oil paintings. No, no, no you will always be able to tell I used oil pastels. Meaning you will see clear lines, the white of the paper coming through etc. etc.

That being said, I have a feeling this will not be an easy medium to master. Then again, looking back at my life, I never seem to take the easy road o_O

What I hate about the Panda Oil Pastels right now is, when I run out of a color I cannot buy a separate oil pastel (Whyyyyyyyy 😥 ) and they only sell two sets of oil pastels (a set of 12 and a set of). I have a set of 24 colors which I think is very limiting..this is the swatch card I made.


Yes I drew yesterday, no I am not going to share that with you guys 😳 Yes, I had lots of fun while drawing. And you know what, while drawing I thought “Beer can go fuck itself now”. To be honest when I wrote this post, I already started to lose interest in beer.

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