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Last week, I bought a box of 48 Caran D’ache Neopastels. They were expensive I had to save up, but they were worth the wait ❤ ! The moment I used one of these oil pastels, a connection was made. I could sense on a deep level how the oil pastel connected with the paper, and how the oil pastel was connected to me. I had much fun creating the following color chart, the order is based in which they come originally in the box.


When making this color chart I understood the order of the colors in the box. In a way I can’t explain, maybe one day I will.

I did use the Panda Oil Pastels I wrote earlier about, but 24 colors were not enough. Plus when I used them my “art” turned into a brownish, greyish mix of colors. Two weeks later I bought the Faber Castell set of 36 oil pastels.


And to be honest, I was shocked by the low quality of these. It was like drawing with candle sticks 😮 Bledding wasn’t blending, it was more like pushing the other color of the paper then blending. And all the crumbles that came of these sticks, it was like dropping a goddamn colorfull Weetabix 😳 Faber Castell this product is dissapointment! The only thing I liked about the set was that it consisted of 36 colors. Just perfect for someone like me.

My current set of Neopastels is 48 colors, too much for a BLAM-IN-YOUR-FACE personality like me. Being subtle has never been my thing :/ This amount of colors is also a bit overwhelming to me. I seriously considered just buying 36 colors that are based on the selection of colors that Faber Castell has. I decided against it, too much hassle.

Drawing with these Neopastels is amazing, they are so creamy and the colors are so bright ❤ ❤ ! None off the pictures I took do any of the colors justice. Also I have to get used to the softness, since I used cheaper pastels. I am used to pressing to hard, a thing that is not necessary with neopastels. Hence the several broken ones 🙄

Yes I do know about Sennelier but they don’t appeal to me. Too lipsticky and I don’t like the fact that they have a tendency to melt while using. Nah, that shit is only going to PISS ME OFF 😡

Should everyone use expensive oil pastels? I can’t say, there are talented artists who create amzing work with cheap oil pastels. Like BlackBean CMS, his favorite set is the 28 set Crayola oil pastels. Which are considerably cheaper then the Neopastel set I have ($6.99 for Crayola versus $115 for Neopastels).This is some of his work where he solely uses Crayolas.

The thing with me is, I am not talented my work will never be amazing o_O So I need all the help I can get. It is a good thing I am not scared of using the expensive stuff….

Since great content has tendency to disappear, like this brilliant vid for example. I hosted the vid by BlackBean CMS on my blog you can find it here. Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😛

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