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Namecheap I ain’t mad at ya

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See is no more, one sweet day I decided to log on to namecheap and it asked for a security pin. This pin was sent to an email address I haven’t logged on in for 16 years. No need to tell you how well that went…

I contacted Namcheap’s customer service and they asked me for details I once filled 16 years ago, like phone number, creditcard details. Details I couldn’t provide, I begged and pleaded with customer support, but they didn’t gave in.

They advised me to contact their risk management department, that department didn’t give a fuck either. I must say, I am impressed with how they guarded that domain. They guarded it so well, that even me the owner for God knows how many years couldn’t get to it. That kind of security made me decide to keep my business at namecheap, no matter how aggravating it was and actually STILL is to lose a domain I have owned for so many years.

So here I am now at, let’s what this will bring. Besides a accepting that the links on the other sites won’t work anymore and I have to change a lot of hyperlinks on this blog.

I must say the new editor called gutenberg, ain’t so bad.

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