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China are you trying to intimidate me?

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Due to the struggles with my domain name, my blog has been offline since the 8th of March till the 25th of March. So guess which country checked my blog 5 times on the 27th of March, one whole fucking day after I was online again?

Yep, China I already wrote about my suspicions regarding China here. But this stunt really takes all the suspicions I ever had, away. It is a sure thing now, China is checking on me. All because had the audacity to write TWO articles where I criticized the shithole (yes China, there I wrote it) called China.

I guess I know for sure now, when I die chances are China had a thing or two to do with it.

Just in case, I am not planning on committing suicide. And if I ever say good things about China and or the backward honor culture I had the bad luck to be born in, but I managed to escape at 17. Something happened to me, something BAD. Also you can always do the cliccy for the larger piccie .

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