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How to improve your handwriting on the iPad

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When I got my iPad, I discovered I had to learn how to write again and I had to learn how to hold the Apple Pencil 2. I watched some Youtube vids regarding this subject. I really loved the vid by janicestudies

In this vid she also refers to a handwriting worksheet and font she created based on her handwriting, unfortunately neither are available on her website anymore as you can see here.

So I decided to upload both the font and the handwriting worksheet on my blog in the zip file below.

Of course the moment she puts both back on her own website I will remove this post 💡

Here is what my hand writing looked before:

And here is what it looks like after using the worksheet reguraly:

I practice on the worksheet reguraly!

Remember, you can always doe a cliccie for a larger piccie 😛

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