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Beginner Palette set for Procreate

So if you are new to Procreate and you want to draw along with basic drawings on Youtube. You find you might not have all the colors the instructor/artist is using. To save you the hassle to find nice basic colors, I have collected a beginner set of swatches. I would like to point out that NONE of the swatches are crated by me!

The set consists of 3 grey colors (“sketching pencils”) and swatches based on 72 Derwent Artists Color pencils, see picture below.

This is what both sets look like in Procreate:

Click on the link below to download the swatches

If you don’t know how to add the swatches, then read this post I wrote earlier.

Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😛

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How to improve your handwriting on the iPad

When I got my iPad, I discovered I had to learn how to write again and I had to learn how to hold the Apple Pencil 2. I watched some Youtube vids regarding this subject. I really loved the vid by janicestudies

In this vid she also refers to a handwriting worksheet and font she created based on her handwriting, unfortunately neither are available on her website anymore as you can see here.

So I decided to upload both the font and the handwriting worksheet on my blog in the zip file below.

Of course the moment she puts both back on her own website I will remove this post 💡

Here is what my hand writing looked before:

And here is what it looks like after using the worksheet reguraly:

I practice on the worksheet reguraly!

Remember, you can always doe a cliccie for a larger piccie 😛

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How to import palettes in Procreate

I had to google like mad to find a FUCKING SIMPLE, STRAIGTHFORWARD EXPLANATION, which of course was nowhere to be found 😐

Anyways here we go. You can do all steps below on your iPad, no computer needed!

Suppose you want to download a premade palette by someone else, like this set for example.

Click on Moonlight.Reflection.swatches

A window will appear asking you if you want to download said swatch. Tap Download once.

Find the file, it will be most likely in your Downloads folder of your iPad. It will look like this, all you have to do now is tap once on the file and the file will be imported to Procreate.

If you open Procreate you will see said palette is added.

Yes, that is all there is to it!

I will never fail to understand why an action like this has to be a youtube vid off 9 minutes or blog post full of shit I don’t care about 😐 like your cat dying. Lady, I.DON’T. GIVE.A.FUCK., all I wanted to learn is how to import a goddamn palette in Procreate! Please ya’ll, don’t go all don’t fuck with cats on me :/

Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😋

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Why, oh why didn’t I do this any sooner?

Today I let a guy from a handystore install the Paperlike screenprotector on my iPad Air 4. When I came home, within 5 minutes I regretted not using the Paperlike screenprotector sooner. It made me wonder WHY ON FUCKING EARTH DID I INSIST ON GETTING USED TO WRITING ON GLASS.

Writing with Paperlike made the writing experience on the iPad 100% better in an instant. The Apple Pencil doesn’t slither and slide over the surface, controlling the pencil is effortless now. I don’t need an artist glove for my sweaty little paw anymore. And I think I can write longer now, since I hold the pencil much relaxed. Before I would press the pencil so hard on the iPad I worried I would go through it. I also held the pencil so tightly after an hour I could feel the muscles in my wrist contract real hard, making me wonder if I was about to break my wrist again.

I will be honest, the Paperlike does make the iPad screen visibly grainy. But I don’t mind, since the iPad still an overpriced notebook, sketchbook, planner and to-do list for me. And no it doesn’t feel like writing on paper, it just makes it pleasant to write on the iPad. And I have a feeling I will like studying my notes MUCH better, since my eyes will be strained less.

Yes I have seen the youtube vids where people complain that the Paperlike sratches easily, I wonder if that is because people press the pencil too hard? I’ll guess I’ll have to figure that out all by myself. What do I know is I will not go back to writing on glass again (what the fuck was I thinking doing that for almost 7 weeks straight anyways??!!!). I might try other matte screen protectors in the future if this one wears down.

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I bought an iPad Air 4

My note taking was doing my head in, all those binders, markers etc. etc. taking way too much place in my tiny studio. It is getting problematic, this is what one of my shelves full of notebooks and study books look like. Making it a treasure hunt finding a a specific note.

What also didn’t help is, I am anal retentive when it comes to note taking, I have written about that extensively here. So studying outside the house was not particularly easy as I was carrying my binders, gazillions of markers and my study books.

I have been toying with the idea of buying a tablet for quite some time, here I am discussing my notes being a problem with my real mom S.

I actually was looking at the Remarkble and the likes. But the load times and lack of color and it’s loading time and refresh rate put me off from buying e-ink based tablets. So I stared to look at other options, Samsung got a big NO from me, I hate Andriod it is sluggish just like Windows.

So I was looking at Apple, and the iPad 2020 would have been perfect but the way the Apple Pencil first generation needs to be charged was off putting.

Apple Pencil first generation being charged

So I went for the iPad Air 4, for the sole reason that I like the way the Apple Pencil second generation charges.

Apple Pencil second generation charging

The price difference between the iPad 2020 and iPad Air 4 is huge and not really justifiable for me, since the iPad 2020 is in my budget and the iPad Air 4 is 278 euros out of my budget. Take a look:

Right now that price difference hurt like a mother fucker, since I am broke as fuck. But the way the Apple Pencil first generations needs to be charged would a) annoy the fuck out off me b) make it very easy for me to destroy the pencil.

One off the main reasons I chose for Apple is that you can work with some Apple apps in the iCloud without being logged on to an Apple device. Here is me logging in on the iCloud on my Linux Laptop, through my browser:

I can now, do stuff in my web browser in any of these apps and it will show on my iPad, which for me is a godsend since I am a touch typist. I have a feeling not many people know this, I often see people at work adding appointments in their calendar on their iPhone while sitting in front of a computer…..

The iPad will be mainly used for “handwritten” notes which is actually going pretty well in GoodNotes I must say. (I also really like how the iPad Air has basically the same size as my preferred paper size namely A5):

The others uses will be the calendar, to do list, notes (not for study material), address book, editing pictures and videos, reading study books. All these things will be done with the “original’ Apple applications that came pre-installed. So far I have downloaded 2 not original Apple apps on my iPad. GoodNotes 5 (which is the best 9 euros ever spent!) and the AdGuard addblocker, and as far as I am concerned I have every intention off keeping it that way.

First of all, I only have 64 GB , secondly I am the kind of person that looks for “native solutions” before downloading an app. Native solutions being, can an original preinstalled Apple app do the ting I want? If so, I’ll do that. I hate devices with gazillions of apps on them.

The iPad will not be my main device, that will be my Linux laptop (a Dell E2750), the iPad is an addition to the laptop for studying. While I am very happy with the iPad, the price off 800 euros for a glorified notebook hurts. I do tell myself, I will save the money in the long run because, I will not buy pencils, phyisical notebook, post-its, markers etc. etc.anymore.

For now I have to live very sober for a couple off months…..