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How to get the HP OfficeJet 3833 to work on Fedora 33

The usual screenshots are missing I am sorry for that! Anyways here we go 🙂

First make sure Fedora is updated, you this by typing:

sudo dnf upgrade 

After Fedora is updated type the following:

sudo dnf install hplip hplip-gui

There is no need to set up the HP OfficeJet 3833 any further, it will work immediately if you connect it with an USB AB cable to your laptop.

For scanning you do need to install additional software. Below are the instructions for installing the scanning software:

dnf install simple-scan

The printer’s user manual can be found here.

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The math game got real!! I bought a Casio fx-82ES PLUS.


you can find it’s manual here.

It is not that I didn’t had a calculator (separate from my phone) before. But last week I needed to do something with exponents, and I didn’t know how to do it on my calculator. I googled like mad,  trust me 😡 The only thing I found out was that calculator I had, was not allowed on exams and that you shouldn’t do calculations on it when it’s battery is dead 🙄 Always good to know right?

While I was looking for youtube vids or blogs or whatever, I found a lot of youtube vids regarding how to operate the Casio fx-82ES PLUS. And one off  the youtube comments was very apt:Thank you for your explanation. Why do universities require us to buy this caclulator without explaing how it works?”

While the fx-82ES PLUS comes with a manual, still having someone explain to you how to use it, is handy. Ooh, and this calculator is allowed on exams, ha 😎

I must say, with math I am now getting to a point, where I gave up many years ago on high school. Because I thought I sucked at math, being close to the point where I gave up on, I did an amazing discovery. I love doing math! It is like solving puzzles, and that alone gives me hope 😥

Hope that I can do something with the feelings I had when I saw bumblebee (who transformed in a yellow beetle back then) for the first time. The feelings I had when I was watching Jem, it was never about the girls it, it was never about the music. It was about one thing, one thing only; SYNERGY !! (Cortana’s grandmother? Makes the appeal to HALO many, many, years later also clear, I guess 💡 )

Each time I solve something which I never thought I could, I literally hear this lady saying:

The people who know me, know where this is coming from. My love, for always and forever ❤ ❤ ❤ !

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Manual to the Casio Collection W-216H-1BVEF watch

It is the manual to this watch


It is not a complete manual  💡  just two pages that covers the most important shit (like setting time, date etc. etc). You can find the manual here.

I like this watch, it has a big display with the information I care about. Yes, I know it is not a smart watch 🙂 I don’t like to be traceable all the time. When I go out to commit a murder, I leave my phone at home. The watch tells me how much time I have, before the police might consider it suspicious that I walk around without emitting a phone signal 😎

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How to get the HP OfficeJet 3833 to work on Fedora

A short and quick tutorial, just for me. You don’t like it? Feel free to FUCK OFF

sudo dnf -y install hplip-gui-3.18.12-9.fc29.x86_64

Before setting up the printer through “HPLIP Graphical Tools” make sure the printer and laptop are connected with a “USB AB cable” 🙄 I cannot use the printer over wireless, cable will have to do. Which btw, is perfectly fine for me.

Scanner has to be set up outside “HPLIP Graphical Tools” .

Simple Scan is the way to go (Xsane looks and behaves like shit 😡 )

dnf install simple-scan

The printer’s user manual can be found here.

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How to enter BIOS or the boot menu on a Dell

Right now I own 2 Dell laptops, yes I am quite the Dell fan ❤ It is very easy to buy the business line second hand. Those laptops are often still in a very good condition. And I love how easy Linux runs on a Dell, can't say that for other brands I owned :/

I right now own these two models:

  • Dell E5250 (bought new a couple of years ago, download user manual here)
  • Dell E7250 (bought second hand last week, download user manual here)

Yes I love 12’5 inches 😎

To enter the BIOS press (I think you need to be “On Legacy” for this to work).


To enter the boot menu, which also gives you access to BIOS hit


You should hit either of these buttons during start up the moment you see the Dell logo. For the love of God, don’t wait for the computer to be fully started up 🙄


BIOS is NOT the place to clown around. Don’t go there unless you really HAVE to. Fucking around in BIOS (you know like modding it 😳 ) is THE way to turn your laptop in a useless brick!

I am not going deeper into the UEFI and BIOS thingy, that is not the aim off this blog. Basically UEFI is the hot new BIOS but everyone still calls it BIOS 😎 You can read a thing or two about it regarding Fedora here. Since you guys love to download the PDF’s I upload, here is PDF version of the site I am referring to.