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The difference between increase and decrease

Increase = shit gets bigger

Decrease = shit gets smaller


If you only knew how many exercises I fucked up on Khan Academy because I didn’t know the difference between increase and decrease, you would be AMAZED. Amazed  that after fucking up like hundreds (close to a thousand) exercises  I still don’t know the difference bonk

What makes this blogpost beautiful is, that literally one off the first notes I took while watching a  Khan Academy video (it is literally the first page). Also explained what increase and decrease is, take a look.

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Letting of of the perfection

Yep, that is one of the hardest things to do for me,  despite knowing  it can hold me back 😔 But a couple of months ago, I decided when it comes to studying math, I will let go of some of the perfection.

See when I just started learning Math at KhanAcademy, I took notes religiously and way too seriously. I would take notes of every vid (I wish I was joking😐 ) and I watched every F-U-C-K-I-N-G vid. My notes would be categorized according to my system but still in sync with KhanAcademy. I used to study in a coffee shop where the desks were much bigger then the tiny thing made off match sticks I have at home.

These are the notes I used to make in the huge binder:


Also notice the 6d in the top right corner? That is how I used to index my notes (yes I am anal-retentive like that). I remember getting annoyed when KhanAcademy changed their subjects around, so my system of categorizing was not on par with the site any more.

Since there is no place for a huge binder on my desk, I bought a smaller binder (size a5). And believe it or not, I threw the huge binder with my notes in the trash 😮


On the left my notes on A5 on the right my old notes on A4.


Since that day, I changed my approach to note taking. I will not take notes off every vid any more, I will take notes when I struggle with a subject or when I see this symbol (which indicates a mini paper on the given subject):



But most importantly I will stop categorizing my notes, the new note will be placed on top. Plus when it comes to note taking, some notes will be placed on this blog. I will go a for a hybrid thingy, I guess.

Does that mean I have let go off the perfection  completely? Hell NO❗️ The perfection, will be focussed on watching every vid no matter how well versed I am on the subject. Plus every unit test and course challenge needs to be on 100%.

Take a look on the picture below, it says that I have mastered 4th grade math for 100%. Despite scoring a 90% on my course challenge. Being the person I am, I was not happy with the outcome 😡



I did the course challenge a couple of times (like only 40 times or so, I am not joking😐 ) till I scored 100%.


It was only then I moved on to the 5th grade.

Yes I know, new vids and exercises are daily added on KhanAcademy. And yes I check regularly if the grades I already mastered (for 100%, nothing less) have new content. If so I will watch the new vids and do the new exercises. I did already mention in this post I am anal-retentive, yes?


Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie 😋