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The perfect Leslie Sansone workout to do on mat!

It is this one it only is 15 minutes long. I think this workout  is the perfect workout out for people who consider exercise a necessary evil,  AKA people like me.

I do this work out on this mat

Due to the dimensions of this mat I can do the entire workout on the mat (granted I am 5’3), and I don’t need to wear shoes. Leslie always advices against bare feet, but this mat is so thick you don’t need shoes. I bought this mat at Aldi in 2017, it is not only cheap but very durable. The quality is good too,it doesn’t have dents of my feet imprinted on it (unlike other expensive mats I used ). And yes people, I have the pink mat.

You can do this entire workout on the mat mentioned above, because the workout doesn’t have double sidesteps or sidesteps where you move forward or backward. When I have to take 4 steps forward and backward, I just turn 90 degrees. Since Leslie mentions in advance when you will have to take 4 steps forward and backward, I have time to move to one side of the mat and turn 90 degrees.

Why I like this workout so much? It is only 15 minutes, it doesn’t contain squats (I hurt my god-damn knees if I do those without supervision) or this movement.

Yes, I also hurt my knees when I do this movement, a lunge,  without supervision. I am not the most gifted exerciser in the world . There is a reason why I take Pilates class where the instructor doesn’t participate but instead walks around and corrects people. I consider Leslie Sansone workout to be better then regular walking, this workout elevates my heart much more. Plus I make movements during this workout, I don’t make during a walk.

But most importantly my Pilates instructor, who is a Pilates snob who only teaches classical Pilates thank you very much, approves of this workout. This is what she wrote when I wrote her about the Leslie Sansone work out:

Notice the digg at Stott Pilates (she hates everything that is not classical Pilates) . The digg at Stott Pilates is, because I love one of their Pilates routines. I will write about that routine another time.

What I basically do for workout is, during weekends, holidays etc. etc. (basically days off) I do the Leslie Sansone workout in the morning and during working days I do the Pilates routine in the evening (if I don’t have Pilates class). Yes people one workout a day, why should I do both? You guys are trying kill me over here.

Since great content has tendency to disappear, like this brilliant vid for example. I hosted the workout vin on my blog you can find it here. Remember you can always do the cliccie for a larger piccie.