La Boina Roja

Linux, the struggles are real!


If you want to use my posts or parts of it on your blog/website, that’s fine. Please, don’t forget link to my blogPhotobucket

I love art, I really do. I believe it’s one of the finer things in life. Unfortunately, I couldn’t create it myself even if it could save my life Photobucket So it’s save to assume that all the pictures on this blog, besides screenshots from software, are created by someone else. I’ll try to give proper credit whenever I can. However,  if you do see your work on here and I haven’t given you credit, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

This “art” is created by me, I’ve created this a couple of years ago. In case you wonder, no it wasn’t in kindergarten Photobucket I created this nice piece of art, to help people explain what I meant by “in a tree”, only to learn that it is actually “up a tree” Photobucket

Btw, if you want to use this piece of art anywhere, like a darkened room, I do expect you to give me credit for it Photobucket

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