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Why, oh why didn’t I do this any sooner?

Today I let a guy from a handystore install the Paperlike screenprotector on my iPad Air 4. When I came home, within 5 minutes I regretted not using the Paperlike screenprotector sooner. It made me wonder WHY ON FUCKING EARTH DID I INSIST ON GETTING USED TO WRITING ON GLASS.

Writing with Paperlike made the writing experience on the iPad 100% better in an instant. The Apple Pencil doesn’t slither and slide over the surface, controlling the pencil is effortless now. I don’t need an artist glove for my sweaty little paw anymore. And I think I can write longer now, since I hold the pencil much relaxed. Before I would press the pencil so hard on the iPad I worried I would go through it. I also held the pencil so tightly after an hour I could feel the muscles in my wrist contract real hard, making me wonder if I was about to break my wrist again.

I will be honest, the Paperlike does make the iPad screen visibly grainy. But I don’t mind, since the iPad still an overpriced notebook, sketchbook, planner and to-do list for me. And no it doesn’t feel like writing on paper, it just makes it pleasant to write on the iPad. And I have a feeling I will like studying my notes MUCH better, since my eyes will be strained less.

Yes I have seen the youtube vids where people complain that the Paperlike sratches easily, I wonder if that is because people press the pencil too hard? I’ll guess I’ll have to figure that out all by myself. What do I know is I will not go back to writing on glass again (what the fuck was I thinking doing that for almost 7 weeks straight anyways??!!!). I might try other matte screen protectors in the future if this one wears down.